Appliances are in!

Another week and another update on our soon-to-be finished home in Easton Park. This week we received our regular update and photos with news that our carpet is in (though the photos were taken before carpet went down) and that our electric meter has been put into place. You can also see in the photos below that our light fixtures all seem to be in place and our major appliances are ready to go!

Plus, look at that back yard! It was always hard to tell just how big the yard would look/feel when it was just a patch of dirt behind the framing of the house, but now that the sod is down and the house is nearly finished it actually looks a lot bigger than we expected. We can’t wait to be out back grilling, hanging out, and playing with a pup in the coming months!

One minor hiccup – the wrong glass was installed in the master bathroom shower. We’re meant to have a frameless glass enclosure rather than a framed enclosure and this will be replaced shortly.

Next week the AC will be going in and, hopefully, the gas meter – then it’s prep for QA (one of my favorite phases of any project) and inspections!

We’re getting so. damn. close. With the closing date set for March 23 and everything on schedule thus far, we’ve begun the process of getting our time off from work, planning our drive down, selling our large belongings, getting quotes on a POD for moving, and researching utilities in the area… not to mention researching a dashcam so we can record the journey and the landscapes we see as we make the almost 1700-mile trek from Bethlehem to Austin.

I’m sure as we look back in the future, this last month will have flown by… but in the moment, I’m expecting it to drag until we’re loaded up in the car (with our cats!) and on the road.

Now, enjoy some new photos of our new home!


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