It all started with a Commodore 64 on which I would play Maniac Mansion, Bop’N Wrestle, and some Captain America game I can’t remember the name of and that I’m sure has been built up to a much more grandiose thing in my head than it actually was in reality.

From those humble beginnings a hermit was born.

When we got our first Windows desktop, the world was at my fingertips. I began learning about and building websites when I was 13 and I haven’t stopped since. The days of editing solely in Notepad and using groundbreaking technology like tables and flame GIFs may be behind me, but only to focus on new projects based in WordPress. And, really, there’s always room for a good old fashioned flame GIF or barbed wire horizontal rule so let’s not totally discount those valuable pieces of art.

I remained a mostly indoor-kid through middle- and high-school venturing outside long enough to start a backyard wrestling league with some friends, walk to the 7-11 around the corner at 2am for cappuccinos and beef jerky, and mow the lawn when forced to do so. The next logical step was college because… I guess that’s what we do? I applied to one school because some friends of mine were already attending it and I was accepted.

After spending four years to acquire an Audio/Radio Production degree, it was time to forget everything I learned in college and take on graphic design as a profession. I started out as a print designer for print and publishing shops while taking web design jobs on the side. This passion continued to blossom into a career based solely on web design with print work taking its place on the side. I discovered WordPress in 2010 and never looked back; since then I’ve focused solely on WordPress development with some print work thrown in once or twice a year when the opportunity arises.

When I’m not working on webs or prints, I’m watching way more professional wrestling than is probably healthy, eating too much pizza, or drinking too much coffee. I’m less of a hermit now, venturing outside to enjoy nature, beaches, mini golf, and long rides to buy delicious donuts. It’s a life of excess to which I can give thanks to my step father for introducing computers and all things nerd-related to me. Take that, rock and roll.

Created by shashank singhfrom the Noun Project