Floors, Cabinets, Countertops… and a Closing Date.

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Last week’s update brought news that our masonry was being finished on the front of our home, as well as the electrical being nearly wrapped up.

Today we received a quick update letting us know that our plumbing set-outs had gone in and that our irrigation would be going in next week. Not only that, but next week will also bring our appliances, carpets, and potentially our sod. The sod will depend on whether or not the other exterior pieces of the home are finished, so it’s up in the air until we know how well next week goes.

But the biggest piece of news we received was the closing date. We’d been waiting and waiting to hear, because ever since we’ve started the process we’ve been anxious to finally move into our home and become Austinites. We now know that on March 23 we will be closing on our home in Austin!

When I heard the news and received the various emails with the billion documents to sign, I was pretty sure I was going to spend the rest of the night barfing. Seriously. Obviously, I am excited to kick this process into the next gear but with every stack of papers I need to sign (or electronic documents I need to e-sign) comes another wave of, “Holy crap, this is actually happening!“.

This weekend will be full of reading, researching, re-reading, signing, and eventually… relaxing.

Until then, enjoy some pictures we received this week that made us absolutely lose our minds with joy.

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