Walls and More!

Things are certainly moving along at this point as the house begins to actually look like a house on the inside.  In a previous update, we received details and photos of the progress in regards to sheetrock going up throughout the house.  It’s amazing how much a place begins to look more like a house and how finished the rooms start to look when construction hits that point.  Check out some photos below!

But that’s not all!  Since I’ve been slow on updating with blog posts here, we’ve also received another update with photos of our cabinets going in throughout the house!  The countertops have all been measured out as well and we’re told that tile will begin to be laid throughout the house next week.  Walls?  Cabinets??  Floors?!  It’s almost done!

Unfortunately, we have heard that the timeline has shifted again to mid-late March but we’ll be following up to see what is the cause of those delays and to nail down the timeline for closing as soon as possible.  At this point, we’re just incredibly anxious to finally be in our new home and to become full-fledged Austinites (and hopefully the stench of being transplants will wash off quickly).

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