A bunch of updates!

It’s been a little while since I last posted – but that isn’t because we haven’t had any updates.  With the holidays ramping up and a persistent sickness kicking the crap out of me, I just haven’t jumped on here as often to post our updates.

But, things are still moving along!  Below are some pictures of an update from a couple of weeks ago – we’ve got the groundwork laid for our kitchen including our water lines, gas, and exhaust for our stove.  Progress continues in getting the HVAC and electric installed throughout as well the installation of the tub and shower in our second-floor bathroom and master bathroom.

Plus, the roof!  We actually have a whole roof now!  You can see some finishing touches being put on it in one of the pictures below, and we’re happy with the progress we’re seeing overall so far.

But that’s not all!

More work is continuing on and around the house, of course, and we have some photos from an additional update that I haven’t posted yet. Here you can see the basically-completed roof, the various cabling and wiring running into the house, and the blocking out of the drive way and sidewalk.  Our very own sidewalk!

We did receive another update this past Friday and we’re waiting on pictures before posting the news that came along with that as well.  We’re very close to sheetrock going up and a whole load of inspections kicking off.  We’re on track to have this sucker wrapped up at the end of January/beginning of February and time is really starting to fly.  WE’RE FREAKIN’ OUT in the best ways possible.

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