Life-Changing Decisions

I’ve given this a lot of thought lately and I’ve finally come to the conclusion on some life-changing decisions that I needed to make. Some of them have been real doozies to decide upon with this first one being the dooziest.

But it’s what I feel like I need to do.

I’m going to try and actively blog again.

I know, I know – people say that. They say it a lot. This time, though, I have a reason to keep up with it!

A while back my girlfriend and I decided that we were going to move to Austin, Texas. It’s a place we’d visited several times over the past five years and a place we instantly fell in love with. It hit all of the marks on a place we’d want to live – fun things to do; awesome things to eat; beautiful weather and plenty of opportunities to take advantage of that weather with parks, swimming holes, and hiking trails.

We initially decided to look for a home to buy after finding an amazing Realtor named Maria Curelli. She was able to show us some great neighborhoods with some pretty great houses, but none of the homes we saw in our price range were able to check off all of the boxes we were hoping to check off. Either the finishings weren’t what we wanted, the style of the home wasn’t exactly up our alley, or the yard was great while the house was just okay (or vice versa).

On a whim Maria took us over to see a new development in Southeast Austin by the name of Easton Park.

Easton Park did the trick.

The homes not only looked incredible on the outside and in, but they were also being developed in an upcoming area and were directly across the street from McKinney Falls State Park. Not only that, but the planned additional phases of Easton Park form an incredible community that we could really grow with.

After much deliberation weighing the pros and cons of the location, the price, and building our own home from scratch we decided to go for it! Lucky for us, there was exactly one empty lot left in the development where our chosen builder Milestone Builders could build and we had to jump on it. It was a stressful week making the final decision but we know it’s going to be totally worth it.

First, we had to run through the process of selecting the model and elevation of our home before picking out all of the finer details like countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and everything else imaginable that goes into a home down to the outlets!

We’ve been flying back and forth between Austin and Pennsylvania for all of the house-related meetings and our most recent trip down offered us the chance to actually see the structure of the home begin to go up – and it’s going up quickly!

The house is slated to be finished at the end of January/beginning of February and the progress so far has been pretty fantastic to see. We receive updates each week along with photos, which I’ll be posting here to track the progress of our new home. So, enjoy the first batch of photos of our new home in Easton Park!

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    1. We agree! I have a feeling the next few months are going to both fly by and feel like they’re dragging as the house is completed.

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